Understand Your Assessment Report

Unlocking Your Cultural Fit

After completing the Culture Assessment, you'll gain insightful clarity from your personalized Workplace Culture Profile, meticulously crafted to help you navigate your career path with confidence. This comprehensive report is not just a summary of results; it's a deep dive into your professional persona, highlighting the unique aspects of your workplace culture preferences.

This report dives into your workplace culture preferences, providing you with a detailed breakdown of how your personal values, motivators, and ideal leadership styles align with potential career environments. Discover what drives your professional engagement—whether it's a collaborative team atmosphere, innovative leadership, or a values-driven organization.
Equipped with a thorough understanding of your cultural preferences, the next step is utilizing this knowledge to shape your professional future. We show you how to interpret each section of your report so you can make informed decisions about your professional future.
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Understanding Your Report

Embark on a journey of self-discovery with our personalized assessment, designed to illuminate the path to your ideal workplace. This tool delves into five key areas that together paint a comprehensive picture of what you seek in a work environment.

From the atmosphere that energizes you to the values that drive your decision-making, and the leadership styles that inspire you to the motivators that propel you towards excellence—each category is a piece of the puzzle. Understanding your unique job persona further tailors this exploration, aligning your personality and behavior traits with the roles where you'll flourish.

Let's dive into these categories to uncover a workplace where you don't just fit in—you thrive.

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Imagine the vibe of a place where you feel most at ease and productive. That's what 'Atmosphere' is about in our assessment. It's the special sauce of a workplace, blending how people interact, the feel of day-to-day operations, and the overarching mood.

Discovering your ideal workplace atmosphere means finding where your workday feels less like a routine and more like a place you belong.

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Values are like the heartbeat of a workplace. They guide how decisions are made, how people work together, and what the company stands for. Our assessment helps you untangle what core principles resonate with you the most.

Because when your values and your workplace's values align, work doesn't just feel like work—it feels right and meaningful.

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Ever wonder why you click better with some leaders than others? It's all about the leadership style that makes you feel motivated and valued. Our assessment dives into uncovering the type of leadership that lifts you up—whether it's a coach who's always there to guide you, a visionary who pushes the limits, or a strategist who plots the course and lets you sail.

Knowing this can lead you to a leader who not only inspires your best work but also believes in your potential.

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What gets you up in the morning? Beyond the paycheck, there are things that truly drive you to give your best—be it recognition, the challenge of solving problems, or the joy of collaborating with others.

Our assessment zeros in on these motivators, helping you find a path where your drive is not just understood but celebrated.

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Job Persona

What if you could have a deep understanding of the unique mix of traits you bring to your work—how you solve problems, interact with colleagues, and approach tasks? That's your 'Job Persona.'

Our assessment breaks down your work style to match you with roles where you'll naturally excel. It's about finding the job that doesn't just fit your skills but also embraces your personality.

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Using Your Report When Considering A New Employer

Once you've received your personalized assessment report, you can begin applying its insights to carefully evaluate potential employers. This strategic approach ensures that you not only find a job but also join a company whose culture resonates deeply with your personal preferences and values. Leverage your assessment findings and these strategies to guide your career choices.

  • Research Company Values: Before applying to a job, spend time researching the company’s core values, mission statement, and recent initiatives. This information can often be found on the company’s website, annual reports, or their social media platforms. Align these with your own values to see if there’s a fit.
  • Engage with Current and Former Employees: Reach out to current and former employees on platforms like LinkedIn. Ask for a brief informational interview to gain insights into the company culture and day-to-day work life. This can provide a more unfiltered view of what it’s really like to work at the company.
  • Analyze Job Descriptions: Pay close attention to the language used in job descriptions. Words like “collaborative,” “independent,” “innovative,” or “structured” can give clues about the company’s culture and whether it will suit your preferences.

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Using Your Report During The Interview

For those stepping into interviews, understanding your cultural fit can be your secret weapon. Our assessment equips you with the knowledge of what you truly value in a workplace, empowering you to ask insightful questions and engage in meaningful discussions about the company’s environment. This not only boosts your confidence but also demonstrates to potential employers that you are someone who is proactive about finding the right fit.

  • Discuss Leadership Style Preferences: If you know you prefer a certain type of leadership, mention this during the interview to gauge fit. For example, “I know that I perform best under leaders who adopt a hands-off approach, allowing me autonomy to innovate. How would you describe the leadership style here?”
  • Use Insights to Ask Informed Questions: Tailor your questions based on the cultural insights gained from your assessment. If you prefer a collaborative environment, ask, “I’ve learned that I thrive in collaborative settings. How does the team typically work together on projects here?”
  • Refer to Insights from Networking: Use your networking insights to reinforce your preferences. For instance, “In my conversation with one of your team members, I learned about your weekly team-building activities. I know that these types of initiatives are what I’m looking for in a company. Could you tell me more about these?”

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